Nutrition and Hydration Week
Wednesday 16 June 2021

We have been celebrating #NutritionandHydrationWeek here at Cavendish Park. Research has proven that increasing fluids helps prevent falls, anxiety and confusion in older people.

Our skilled and highly trained chefs have been busy creating smoothies and juices that are nutritionally balanced and tasty to boot!

Check out some of our favourite juice recipes!


Carrot, Apple, and Ginger Juice.

1 cm piece of fresh ginger

3 medium red apples

4 large carrots

Put the ginger in the juicer at the beginning with a piece of apple to get the most flavour. Then simply put everything through the juicer and enjoy!


Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint Juice.

1 big wedge of watermelon

1 cucumber

Small handful of fresh mint

Slice the watermelon from the skin and blend with the cucumber and mint. Sometimes the watermelon pips get into the juice, so you may want to strain it before drinking.




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