A World Kindness Day Letter from Julie
Tuesday 17 November 2020

Inspired by World Kindness Day, one of our wonderful relatives sent us the most beautiful and heartfelt letter about how we’ve looked after her beautiful Mum.

So kind are Julie’s words that we couldn’t help but share them and hope that they make you smile as much as we have ?

Thank you Julie, your words have meant the world to us xx

Dear Mel….

It was such a shame that I didn’t get to speak to the radio people earlier this week as I was really looking forward to telling everyone about the wonderful team at Cavendish Park.

So….I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you what I would have said and I hope that you will share this with the team please.

Visiting Mum through the pandemic

I would have talked about visiting and how grateful we have been that Mum lives somewhere where Majesticare quickly invested in converting a room so that we could safely visit.
We really appreciate that the most important thing is keeping everyone SAFE and whilst it’s tough when we can’t visit, I’m confident it’s the right thing.
The visit system runs very smoothly thanks to Debbie, Helen and Kelly who have been running it.

Even when we can’t visit, I know that Mum is being exceptionally well looked after.

“Your nursing and care team are all truly amazing and we cannot thank them enough for looking after Mum and all the other residents so well”

The incredible range of Activities 

Next I wanted to talk about the Activities Team – Julie, Rose and Autumn. It’s incredible the ongoing range of activities that you’ve arranged this year. From the regular exercise classes to pamper sessions – everyone really enjoys.

“You guys are SO creative and Mum has absolutely loved the recent Fine Dining extravaganza with Alan Coxon and your brilliant chef James and his team – what a treat” 

She also really enjoys the musical connections with the harpist and cellist via Ipad.

Facebook & weekly updates

The whole family are able to keep in touch via Facebook pages and weekly updates. I know we are all really appreciative of this, especially when the going gets difficult like now, it’s very reassuring.

“Thanks to you Mel for keeping us informed.”


Toby the Budgie – thank you

Finally, I wanted to talk about the hardworking and quite lovely housekeeping team.
I would definitely have talked about Shannon and how she epitomizes teamwork in the way she goes the extra mile in looking after Toby the Budgie. It means the world to Mum (and me) THANK YOU.

So there we are, this is what I’d hoped to say. We are so lucky that Mum had the opportunity to move to Cavendish Park a year ago.

“She literally wouldn’t be where she is today (health and well-being wise) without you all” ?

With love and thanks for all you do,
Julie x


A snippet of Julie’s beautiful hand-written letter to all staff at Cavendish Park

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