Home Manager Daniel Bridges – A Moment of Reflection
Tuesday 31 March 2020

We find ourselves in strange times just now. I have never known a situation such as this in my career. None of us have. The last few weeks since Coronavirus began to affect all our lives, have been a blur of creating and putting in place new policies and procedures, second guessing what might happen next and how we will deal with it, and asking things of ourselves and others that we never thought we would.

But through all of this, I have been humbled by so many things. Our Cavendish Park family have shown their true strength and in the face of such adversity have demonstrated how we live and work to our values.

We have had many moments of HAPPINESS, laughing along to terrible jokes during impromptu talent shows, watching residents reminisce during sing-a-longs and holding Friday afternoon parties that just go wherever the mood takes.

The TRUST that we have in each other has been the glue that has bonded our teams, with nurses doing house – keeping shifts, receptionists hairdressing, office staff serving meals, we have all taken on jobs outside of our roles. We have pulled together and worked together.

We have shown our CREATIVITY, extending activities into the evenings with our late-night cinema club and bar run, inventing games such as ‘human skittles’, and using our green fingers to get things planted in the potting shed and greenhouse.

There has been an abundance of HEART- felt moments as we have struggled with no visits from relatives and loved ones, who have become our family too. But virtual visits have helped, and the messages of support and understanding have been overwhelming, helping us to feel valued and certain that we are doing the very best we can to protect our residents.

Most of all I am so proud of the Cavendish Park FAMILY. And by family, I mean relatives, residents, staff, volunteers, friends and our community. Everyone has stood tall, taken it on the chin and knuckled down. We have shown that we will not be deterred, we will get through this crisis, we will work together, and maybe, just maybe, when all this is over, we will appreciate each other a little more, tell our loved ones that they are loved a little more, be tolerant of each other a little more, and be quicker to forgive.

This is Our Family.

This is Care.

This is Majesticare.

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