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Sunday 6 October 2019

Hi everyone,

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Dan & I am the home manager at Cavendish Park care home.

We may have only been open for a few weeks now, but already the life & atmosphere within our beautiful building is making it feel like home for those staying with us. So where does a new home like this get such an feeling within such a small space of time?

The staffing team & the community integration are a main starting point for such a great feeling. The team working at Cavendish Park have already joined into the Majesticare family feel, so when a new resident comes to join us they are taken under our wing & supported with their own individual need.

Being a part of the community is one of the first things that we focused on, long before we even opened. We sat down & thought, what would we want if we moved home?

  • To be welcomed?
  • To feel like I was able to know what was going on, when & where?
  • To actually be able to speak to people & make new friends.

So we set to work, rolling up our sleeves & paying it forward. How could we expect anyone to help us if we weren’t willing to support & help them in return. We painted cricket huts, we served tea & cakes, we delivered Easter eggs to the local hospitals, we mucked out sheep dip, the list goes on. But the main reason for doing all of this was so people got to know that we were not just wanting support & help for our residents for nothing, but that we wanted to help others in return for their generosity to us.

Since opening our doors, the community have embraced & welcomed us as one of their own & in turn this is helping our residents feel at ease when they move in. So if you are passing & want to discuss care needs for a loved one (or maybe even yourself), if you want to see what all the buzz is about, or you just fancy a quick drink & a chat, our doors are always open & the kettle is usually ready to boil.

See you soon

Dan – Home manager

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