I wondered why the cricket ball was getting bigger & bigger… Then it hit me!
Friday 7 June 2019

After a drizzly start to the day, the sun got it’s hat on & came out to support Chip, Dan & Kevin in their recent efforts.

The intrepid trio headed down to Evesham cricket club to assist with some grounds maintenance. The main order of the day was to give the cricket scoring hut a new lease of life & this was no mean feat.


After sanding down the paintwork & trimming back the surrounding foliage they set to work.

The end result was definitely worth all of the hard work & John Barrett (Chairman of Evesham cricket club) was very pleased with the work. As the three finished he said “it looks great, I haven’t seen the hut looking this good for years. Thank you for your hard work”.
Cavendish Park are also sponsoring the Evesham cricket club yearbook & are looking forward to bringing the residents along as soon as the home opens.

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